Hotel Ipomea Club

La veranda di Lighea

The restaurant of the Ipomea Club situated on the seafront takes its name from the myth.

  “…Ligea, the youngest of the Mermaids, the daughter of Calliope…”

Ligea, the youngest of the Mermaids, Calliope’s daughter, is also mentioned in the last story told by Tommasi di Lampedusa, author of the famous novel “Il Gattopardo”, known the world over, in the last months of his life.

  It is the story of the sea and of the love between

                                a mermaid and a man…

A man who, in the hot summer months, overcome by the fatigue of his labour and on the verge of going crazy, finally finds peace in a solitary house, by the sea. Contemplating the blue of the sea, he reaches a state of grace, where anything is possible.

…the miracle happens: a mermaid appears…

“the smooth face of a sixteen-year-old girl emerged from the sea ….

                                 I am Ligea, the daughter of Calliope, said the beautiful mermaid…”

She is a beautiful creature with long raven hair: spiritual but instinctive, a temptress but also a mother and woman. When August ends she returns to deep and dark waters… but before diving down and disappearing, she enchants the young man with two final words, attaching him to her for ever…

Lighea whispers to him as she leaves:

                   “Remember, when you are weary, when you cannot take any more, all you have

                                  to do is reach out to the sea and call me, I will always be there,

                                     and your desire for sleep will be sated.” 

Veranda di Lighea is one step away from the waves, a restaurant that is ideal for a candlelit dinner and where the food is at its most intense and refined, in a unique setting that will amaze and charm all our guests.

Veranda di Lighea is also a snack bar, where you can relax and sip an aperitif or sample hot and cold food prepared by the Ipomea Club chef throughout the day.

A flower has bloomed in the sea of Capo Vaticano…

Open to non-guests subject to booking

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